About me

Everything you always wanted to know about me.

Picture of me

I'm an Argentinean guy who set up to see the world and ended up doing a PhD in Germany. This made a lot of people very angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad move1.

From an academic point of view, I obtained my first Degree in Computer Science in Argentina, at the University of Córdoba, followed by a PhD in Computational Linguistics at Saarland University. My area of research is Natural Language Processing (NLP), working on the detection and correction of misunderstandings in interactive tasks. I have published and presented a couple papers (listed in the Research section) and I've even dared to teach once. I took some time off starting 2023 with an exploration of some creative research ideas and their long-time financial viability, and I am now back in the job market.

From a more technical point of view, I'm both a developer and system administrator. I have programmed in several languages (too many), delved into Microcontrollers and Assembly, moved up to Operating Systems, and stuck the landing with some AI and Deep Learning. Even the Russian judge was impressed.

Outside work, my more regular hobbies are drawing, music, writing, and some photography. I also program a lot in my free time, because I'm the type of nerd who thinks maintaining a server is fun. There's a sneak peek of both in my Projects section. Finally I've travelled quite a lot, and I'm a black belt in Shorinkan Karate-do and Seibukai Kobu-do.

1: With apologies to Douglas Adams

Some questions you might have

How can I contact you?
You can reach me via contact - snail symbol - 7c0h.com.
Do you have a PGP key I can use? I'd rather keep the NSA out of this.
Good thinking. You can get my PGP key here.
I found a nice picture in your website. Can I use it in <insert your project here>?
Unless otherwise stated, all the content in this website is released under a Creative Commons license. As long as you follow those terms, we are cool.

Some other questions you weren't really planning on asking

What's your favorite operating system?
Unix. More precisely, Debian. But BSD sounds soooo tempting...
Didn't you happen to have a blog a long time ago?
Yes, I did - it was 7c0h.com.ar, which is no longer active. I saved the databases and files, though, so I'll upload translations of the best entries whenever I have the time.
Update: I looked at them. There are no good entries, much less "best" ones.
Which blogging platform are you using?
Pelican. If you are looking for my old engine (Perl with some Bash scripts in between), it is available here.
Are you that guy I met once doing karate?
I might be. If you know of a Shorinkan dojo near me, or if you want to practice, please send me an e-mail. I have picked up Iaido in the meantime.
Tabs or spaces?
Tabs. They are much easier to work with in command-line mode.
What is your spirit animal?
The Super Nintendo
Is it true that you have dinner at 10pm? Don't you get hungry?
Yes, it's true. I don't get hungry because I have an extra meal around 6, called "Merienda". It's an Argentinean thing